Children 10+ Medical Hold


Came to MAGDRL on Jul 24, 2019 Jean Padgett
Came to MAGDLR: April 2019
Dogs: Yes with slow introduction
Children: 10+
Updated March 2020
Ella has been a work in progress regarding her medical issues.  She still does her long walks which has help her keep some muscle tone in her rear legs.  Recently her foster dad has been helping another rescue and brought in a young puppy that Ella was excellent with, almost like a mommy reaction.   He was only there a few days but she was very good with the puppy.
Now going a few days ahead and there was a new addition.  A 2 yr old male Dane that was being fostered.  This sort of miffed her as he was bigger than her and wanted to play.  She’d  grumble or stare at him and he would muzzle punch her in the neck and go into a play bow.
Hummmmm, she wasn’t sure how to deal with him, but its all working out and they both do well taking long walks together.
Ella is a pretty 6 yr old female harl who came into rescue in April.  She hasn’t been on the web site as we’ve be trying to find out why she’s been having bouts of incontinence since she came into rescue.   We had a urinalysis test done and it showed that she did have a UTI, but her fecal was negative for worms or parasites.  Ella was treated and then a few weeks later we did another Urinalysis and she still had some bacteria so she was treated with a different antibiotic.  We also did blood work and x-rays to see if there was another reason for her incontinence.  Neither one showed any medical reason.
Ella had very poor muscle tone in her rear legs but her foster dad has been taking her on long walks, several miles a day to help her build them up, and she looks excellent.  We’ve also did an ultrasound and that didn’t show any remarkable results.    The foster dad is wondering if its more behavioral than medical and has been working very hard to reintroduce  her house training to help her understand where she should be going.    She is fine with the male Cane Corsa in the home.
She is a very sweet girl and loves the attention from  her dad and all the  people that she meets on her walks