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Came to MAGDRL on May 18, 2019 Jean Padgett
Cat: Good with Cats
Dogs: submissive female
Kids: 10+ years
Updated Photos May 2020
Updated March 2020
Not much has changed with Blu, his happiest time is when he’s outside with a ball or toy in his mouth.  He likes to push the ball on you while he’s chewing on it. Blu is very content after coming in from playing in the yard and lying on his kurada bed, especially when he has a bone that’s filled with peanut butter.
He’ll make a great companion for someone that will spend a little time and continue with some structure in his life.  He’s a sweet boy and would really like to have his own family.
Updated Photos October 2019
Blu loves to play
Updated August 2019
As you can see Blu has filled out and looks gorgeous.  He will play for hours with his jolly ball tossing in the air and catching it before running off with it in his mouth.  We have to slow him down when he eats as he treats every meal like its his last.    Blu doesn’t like the vacuum and really hates the  fly swatter if you hit a fly!   Not quite sure what that’s all about.   He was good getting a bath but doesn’t like to be sprayed with a water bottle.
Updated June 2019
Blue has come along way and is filling out nicely.  He is an active boy and loves to play with his Jolly ball.  When he’s outside playing he doesn’t really care about being petted and will avoid your hand, maybe he thinks your going to take away his ball.
He has a really good appetite as he’s a growing boy and looks forward to getting his cookie at night before going to bed.  Blu is house trained and will hold it till the morning.
He would do best with an active female so he has someone to play with.  We tested him with the volunteer’s cats and he really didn’t care and just sniffed them and walked away.
March 2019
Blu also came to us at the end of March, and was under weight at 87.2 lbs.   Blu was adopted from another rescue.  The adopters were told he was good with cats as they had a couple of older cats but after a few days they were afraid that they might get hurt so they needed to re-home him.  If it wasn’t for the cats they said he would have stayed as he’s a really sweet boy and did excellent with their 9 yr old daughter.
The other rescue had called us and asked if we could take Blu and sent us some photos of the sanctuary where he came from and noticed that he had been drinking and playing in a small kids pool.  We did an exam and fecal and he showed positive for coccidia ( a protozoa passed through the stool and can invade and damage the intestinal wall.)     OK, stuff happens so now its time to fix it.  We got Blu on meds and we can see already that he’s starting to gain weight.  He was a handful when we took him to the Vets, but the Vet loved him, he’s a goof ball.
His adoption acquirement will have a training contract and not for a 1st time Dane owner