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Note: Emma is on Medical Hold and is a Rescue in Need

Emma was found in upstate NY wandering on the road.  She was emaciated, #71, 5-6 yrs old, her ribs, hips and backbones were sticking out.  The tip of her tail looks like someone just cut it off straight across and it was bleeding. Emma is hunched back, and she was painful on her lumbar palpation exam.  She has a strange walk, but the worst part was that she is blind.  Who could do this to her when there are so many options to surrender your pets?

A good Samaritan found her and brought her to a local vet who took her in and called the shelter.  The shelter had posted her for several days on their site, but no one claimed nor called that they recognized her.  She did have a microchip and it said her name was Emma, but the contact numbers were no longer in service.

The shelter did an excellent job caring for her, and after she was off of stray hold, we took her into rescue.  

Emma was taken to the Vet’s and it looks like she might have some neurological issues.  Upon checking her eyes, it seems that she has Vertical Nystagmus, which is involuntary up and down movement of the eyes (up-down flickering) which is caused by a problem in the brain.  In certain circumstances, flickering eye movements are normal i.e. when your dog is looking out the car window or when their head is moved from side to side, but your dog’s eyes should not flicker when their head is still.

She has Hypermetria in all 4 limbs, which is why her gait is off.  She is blind in both eyes and needs surgery on her tail.   But the good news is that the Vet feels she’ between 3-4 years old and has the sweetest personality. 

(Hypermetria is describes as  how they have the tendency to overreach and how their gait is affected which sees dogs high stepping rather than walking normally.)

Emma came to MAGDRL in April 2021 (1).

Emma - updated 6/14/2021

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Emma - updated 7/24/2021

What to say about Emma? She is, by far, the sweetest, goofiest, and happiest pup ever! She is so much fun! Whether you take her out first thing in the morning or last thing at night, she’s the same. She gets the zoomies and runs around the yard as fast as she can. Because of her health challenges she runs with her body about 6″ off the ground! She runs in big circles, falls down, picks herself up and continues running.  Add a few “what you doing” or raspberries (Bronx cheers) and she barks at you, runs full throttle, and bites at the lawn all at the same time!

If you laugh, which I always do, she figures out where you are and heads right at you! You better pay attention or she will plow right into you! She’s so happy to be free and running in a big yard. There are a few obstacles, trees, bushes etc, all you have to say is “watch” and she stops and goes another way.


After she has eaten any of her 3 meals, she likes to be helped up on my bed and covered with a comforter! There she will happily stay until you come to get her. I love listening to her snore, bark and run as she’s sleeping/dreaming!

We had an appointment at Cornell in June, but when I called for their protocol I was told that they weren’t allowing anyone inside. Emma is very bonded to me and I was uncomfortable with a stranger taking her and walking away. I knew she would be extremely nervous and would be trying to get back to me so I moved the appointment to Sept. hoping that they would be allowing people inside by then. If not, we’ll have to decide what to do.

We are all very interested in what they have to say about her eyes and neurological issues. Personally, I believe that she is not completely blind. That she sees something.

Emma is just magic! Despite her start in life and health issues, she is a complete joy to be around! I’m grateful every day that she was rescued and ended up in our family! She’s a gift that we didn’t know we wanted… until she was here!

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