Children 12+ Good with large female dog Training Contract Required Unknown with cats


Came to MAGDRL on Apr 17, 2017 smontgomery

Update: February 2018

Fred is such a goof ball with those ears that fold over the top of his head. He loves his foster dad, and gets so excited when he see’s him and wants to go out to the yard and play with him. Fred is such a good boy, and he needs someone that will take the time to work with him on his leash walking and basic commands. He’s a fast learner and just wants to be with his people. He’s worth the time and will be devoted to you.


Update: September 2017

Fred had a play date with Suzy and both dogs did well together running back and forth, with Fred’s ears flopping all over his head. Fred was more interested in playing and Suzy obliged for a while then decided that she had enough for now. He would do great with a female close in size that likes to play. The foster home has been working with him with his manners but sometimes he gets so excited that he forgets his training and will jump up on you and he’s a big solid boy.

Update: June 2017

Fred continues to improve, he’s healthy now and his sores on his legs have healed. He’s a happy boy but sometimes gets so excited that he forgets how big he is and will grab your hand or arm with his mouth and wants to hold you. Its not that he’s biting you but he is mouthy and big so we are trying to redirect his behavior by giving him a toy to mouth on.

Fred has a LOUD bark which can be very intimidating to a first time dog owner, he also will bark at other dogs but his body language isn’t aggressive. We did try a slow introduction with Fred an Suzy and both dogs sniffed each other and then walked away. He is a work in progress and really wants to please but sometimes his excitement gets the best of him.

Update: May 2017

Fred has come along way since he came into rescue. He looks and feels so much better. Fred has been neutered and it took a while as he needed to be kept quite, but he had other ideas, he wanted to play. He’s a high energy boy and can be a bit barkie at times. The Vets office fell in love with him as he’s very social and would greet everyone in the office. Fred does pull on a leash and doesn’t seem to know too many commands, he knows “Sit” but he seems to preoccupied with everything around him, so a training contract will be included with his adoption.

He’s very affectionate with his foster parents but he can be mouthy but never apply’s any pressure. He will jump up near you but not on you. He seems to be starved for attention and we’ve been limited on testing him with other dogs as the Vet wanted to keep him quite after his hospitalization and his neuter. The shelter said that when they tested him off leash with a female dog that he showed a soft body language but he does have a bouncy body language that might not be accepted by other dogs. They also tested him off leash with a male dog and he showed a soft and social body language but the other dog was uncomfortable so they were not introduced.

One thing we are sure of is that Fred is not for a first time dog or Dane owner. We will continue to work with him to see how he is with other dogs.

Fred came into rescue on April 9 from a Shelter in NYC. He is the sweetest boy who just wants to be with you. You can see he wasn’t treated well as his nails were so long that his toes were splayed apart and he was walking back on his heels. He has numerous area’s on his legs and paws that have pressure sores. He’s only been with us less than a week and yesterday he stopped eating, had a temperature of 106.6 and has a heavy mucus running from his nose, this literally happened within an hour’s time from when the foster mom had seen him.

Fred was taken to an emergency vet and they started IV’s and are doing tests to see what he really has as this doesn’t seem to be Kennel Cough. Please send good thoughts for Fred, he’s such a good boy.

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