Kahula Came to MAGDRL in September 2022 (1)

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Kahula is a beautiful 9 month old female mantle who came into rescue due to a separation.  She is a sweet girl who bonds very quickly to her people.  She’s house and crate trained and knows her commands.  She does need more training with socialization as she sometimes gets nervous when going for walks and a car is coming in her direction.   

Not for a first time dog/Dane owner.  There will be a training contract as part of her adoption.

Updated November 2022

Kahula is a great girl and when you first meet her she acts like she’s wondering if she knows you.  If you leave the room and comes back in it confirms that YES, she knows you.  She LOVES to run and zip around in the yard.  She’s been really good with other dogs,  large or tiny male or female.

She’s house & crate trained.  She’s still all puppy and likes to chew so having someone who like to do different adventures with her and training will help with these habits.  She’s not a barker and isn’t a drool-er but that doesn’t count when she drinks water–put a mat down.

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