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Came to MAGDRL on Sep 02, 2018 Jean Padgett
Pluto came into rescue due to several changes in his home that was no fault of his.  He lived with a Scottish Terrier and they were best friends.  He really is a gentle giant and seems to like everyone even little dogs.  He has an adorable, very large face, likes to smell your face but didn’t give any kisses. Pluto is a little stand offish when he meets new people but seems to warm up to them in no time.
 He walks very well on his gentle leader and it seems that he doesn’t like to take a walk unless he has his gentle leader on!  When he first came into rescue he was very picky with his food and since we’ve changed him over to “Taste Of The Wild”, he gets very excited and finishes all of it.  Pluto rides very well in the car, but he did get nervous with the noise when large trucks were passing by the vehicle, this could also be do to the fact that he was not with his people and it was a strange car.  He does needs more socialization with outside experiences.  He loves wandering around the yard taking in all the new smells.   Pluto is a drooler or another nice term a Slobber puss.  He hardly ever barks and he loves to be with his people, if you don’t like a dog that wants to be with you and get attention then he’s not the right boy for you.  There will be an obedience training contract as a condition of his adoption.  Pluto will be on a medical hold till he’s vetted and neutered.

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