Came to MAGDRL on May 18, 2019 Jean Padgett
Cats: Good with
Dogs: Good with
Kids:  10+ years old
Updated August 2019
What a sweet silly boy who also loves to do crazy antics while he does the zoomies in the yard.  Storm LOVES people and doesn’t mind other dogs big or small.  He’s also good with the cat, he’s just a very nice pup.  He also likes to eat and as you can see he has grown into his body and now has muscle tone and is solid.  Storm is very good and sleeps thru the night until its time to get up.
Updated June 2019
OK, its been a few months and we’ve run multiply tests on Storm (blood work, fecal, Addisons, among others) to see why he was in such poor shape when he came into rescue.  Storm didn’t have any medical issues that the Vet’s could find other than he wasn’t getting fed or allowed water, which was evident, as he was continuing to put on weight while he is in rescue.  He’s filling out and his coat is soft and shiny.
Storm or Mr. Goofie, a name that his foster home calls him LOVES to run and stretch out his long legs.  When he gets the zoomies he’s all legs zipping around, he doesn’t even care about playing with  toys or a ball.  He likes to chew on a bone when he’s in his crate.
He’s not completely house trained, but that’s not really his fault as he wasn’t trained and was crated more than he should have been as his rear legs had no muscle tone when he first come into rescue.     This handsome boy is filling out really nice and he’s a sweetheart,he has a great appetite and he also looks forward to his cookie before bedtime.
He would do well with a young confident female dog that likes to play.  He’s not for a first time dog/Dane owner.
He doesn’t care about the cats and will sniff and walk away.
March 2019
Storm came into rescue in the end of March.  He  was very much under weight and after day one we noticed he had a fear of men and would give a high pitch whine when ever his foster dad came near him.  He never showed any of this when he was evaluated,  surrendered or during his transport but then it was all woman who had performed it.  Storm’s coloring is unusual as he’s a fawn merle or what has been referred to as Lilac.
He was 88 lbs when he came into rescue and within 7 days had gained 6.2 lbs.  He has a good appetite and realizes that he’s going to be fed several times a day and has all the water he wants, so he’s not trying to drink it all at once.  He’s a talker and  does make a grumbly noise while he’s waiting for his food but he’s not aggressive, nor mean, he’s just saying “Hurry up I’m ready”.
Storm enjoys lying on his Kuranda bed but sometimes want to chew on the pad that covers it.   He’s on a Medical Hold as we need to run some other tests.  When he’s available for adoption there will be a training contract as part of his adoption requirements.

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