3-5 years old Selective with other dogs Unknown with cats Unknown with children


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Update: November 2017

Suzy is doing excellent but I’m sure she’d be so much happier if she had someone to call “her own”. If you’ve been reading her updates you’ll know that she was found with 3 large gashes in her neck. The vets office feel in love with her while they were treating her. After her necked healed up and she had reached her goal weight she went back to the vets to be spayed. The vet said that she’s not an old girl but he’s never seen a uterus so large and feels she had several litters before she was dumped. The reason I’m saying dumped is because no one ever came looking for her and the Animal Control Officer who found her had posted her on several sites. She loves to go outside and stand in the sun catching the warm rays, its almost like she’s napping standing up. Suzy is a sweet heart and has the softest brown eyes, so if you can look pass her grey muzzle you’ll have a loyal, loving friend.

Update: September 2017

Susy has put on some weight and is a very happy girl. Recently we put Fred out with her and she did run and play with him but it seems that she’d rather do the running and smelling on her own terms. Suzy seems like she would rather be by herself and just run around and smell things or be with you and maybe do a couple of run by’s.

She doesn’t seem to like little dogs but was find with Fred. We have no history of her with children so to be safe the children should be 10+.

Update: August 2017

Suzy is doing excellent and has recovered from her spay, she looks great.. She’s a very happy bouncy girl especially when she see’s her people coming towards her to let her out. Suzy does bark at little dogs, and would probably do better not placed with little dogs. She is OK on the leash and does pull a little if she see’s another large dog and wants to go towards it. She knows sit and is very good when its time to get a bath. Suzy loves her food and looks forward to getting her cookie before going to bed. Suzy loves to run in the yard but every time we take out the camera she turns her back–I guess she’s shy. She’s very sweet but needs an experienced home.

Update: June 2017

This poor girl can’t seem to catch a break. She went for her spay and the Vet said that she has had several litters and her uterus was hugh. Seems that once she was of no breeding use to the original owners they dumped her! Her foster mom had picked her up from the Vets and a few hours later needed to bring her right back as she was not looking well and was bleeding very heavily thru her suture line. She went right back into surgery and they were able to stop her bleeding and give her a transfusion. Susy is back with her foster mom and is doing so much better but it will still be a few weeks before she’s off medical hold.

Prior to having her spay done, Suzy had a play date with Fred. They didn’t seem to care about each other at all, they smelled each other and then just walked away. BUT we’ve seen in the past that if another dog barks at her she will not back down and will start barking at them. Suzy would rather be with people than being around other dogs, she’d be fine as an only dog, or if there’s another male about her size with a slow introduction.- it should be fine.

This pretty lady is Suzy, as they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, well don’t let the grey face fool you. Suzy was found as a stray in upstate NY by the side of the road. A concerned Good Samaritan called ACO. We’ve worked with this officer before and he’s wonderful, he said that she had 3 large gashes on the side of her neck and looked like it was either from a bear or cougar. They stitched her up and she’s doing wonderful, its even hard to find where it was.

As I mentioned she is grey in the face but does not act like a senior Dane, she’s playful but not too crazy. The ACO had her for a few weeks before she came to rescue and during that time he had taken her to the vets where there was other animals and kids and she was find with them. Suzy was very affectionate towards the ACO who had taken care of her. Her coat is a little dry but she seems even tempered, while on a walk she noticed people and is interested in a calm and friendly way, she does pull a little on leash.

We’ve noticed if a dog barks at her she will bark back. She was very good at the vets and they feel she’s between 3-5 yrs old. She was Lyme + and did have worms but has been treated. We were waiting for blood work to come back to see if she was spayed but she confirmed that she wasn’t when she came into season so we need to wait to have her spayed

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