Children 10+ Good with cats Natural Ears


Came to MAGDRL on Jan 21, 2020 Jean Padgett
Cat: Good with Cats
Dogs: selective – better with medium female dog
Children: 10+ years
Updated Photos May 2020
Updated March 2020
Tank is stunning and is doing excellent with his foster mom & dad but he does take some time to warm up with new people and then he’s fine.   He can be protective of his people.  Tank is another one that likes his Kuranda bed especially when he has a bone filled with peanut butter to munch on.  He also likes frozen yogurt that’s made for dogs.
He’s very good getting a bath and likes riding in the car.  He seems to prefer dogs that are smaller than him but tiny or little dogs are too much for him and he might hurt them by accident while trying to play with them.
January 2020
Tank is a handsome 23 month old Blue Harl with natural ears.  He came into rescue due to some changes with his living situation and he’s a young high energy pup.  He loves to run and play with the toys in the yard, and he looks forward to going outside into his 60 x 200 play area.
We’ve noticed that he can be selective with certain dogs and seems to do best with medium size female dogs.  Tank would do best with slow introductions and having play dates, he’s not a dog park dog.
He wants to play with children but his energy and size is too much and will mouth their arms and if he gets too excited “sometimes” he will attempt to mount the person as it seems to be a way to release his excitement.  Its not aggressive, he’s gentle but this can be very scary for someone who hasn’t experienced this before.   The evaluator said when she meet Tank her first impressive is that he’s a sweet, goofy over sized puppy and when she was rubbing his belly he started to mouth her arm but was very gentle.
Tank is not for a first time dog or Dane owner.  He needs a good size fenced yard to burn off his energy.  There will be a training contract so he can be taught boundaries and expel some of that energy while learning.  He is very treat motivated and knows his basic commands and with positive training he will make a great dog.
Tank has been tested and is fine with the cats.