Medical Hold


Came to MAGDRL on Jan 06, 2018 Philly web/geeks


Zinc is a handsome Blue male 3-4 yrs old that was found as a stray in NYC. This poor dog was severely emaciated (78 lbs) and had what looked like healing scabs from bite marks on his back legs, head and ears. Unfortunately the shelter had vaccinated him with all his vaccines, wormed and applied flea & tick at his intake and within a few days of Zinc arriving at his foster home he developed the dreaded nasal discharge and cough.

He was so lethargic that the foster home had to hand feed him 5 small meals a day as he wouldn’t/couldn’t stand to eat and even small tasks like going outside to the bathroom was exhausting and he would go to his bed and fall into a deep sleep for hours.

His foster mom took him to the vets and they gave him a complete exam, took his temperature, clipped his nails and cleaned his ears. Zinc was given a broad spectrum antibiotic Convenia by vaccine. Everyone at the vets fell in love with him as he so good and allowed all this handling.

Zinc has been such a good boy and even though he is so emaciated he still takes his food and treats very gently. He hasn’t has any accidents in the house and will whine to let you know that he needs to go out. He likes people and enjoys getting attention but it will be a while till he gains back his weight, the good news is that he doesn’t seem to have a medical problem regarding why he’s so skinny other than someone wasn’t feeding him as he’s already put on 12 lbs.


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